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Hapro Seecret® C25


Pure relaxation in your own home, while you’re skin enjoys a natural, clean skin vitalization treatment with the Hapro Seecret® C25. For everybody who wants to look radiant from the inside. You can put the compact, lightweight Hapro Seecret® C25 wherever you want to use it, to enjoy a revitalising session at any time. The experience: you feel good in your own skin en you look visibly vitalised.

With four 15 Watt Seecret® lamps in combination with the integrated Strip-Reflector-System (SRS) the special collagen light reaches the deeper layers of the skin, for optimal results. Thanks to the internal timer you can easily set the right session time. With the session memory for two persons you always know how many sessions you have had.

Technical information

Hapro Seecret® C25
Seecret® collagen tubes 4 x 15 W-R
Reflector SRS *
Optimal scope 27 x 21 cm
Session memory Yes
Analog timer Yes
Power 0,075 kW
Colour Bright White
Weight 2,9 kg

* SRS = Strip-Reflector-System; The integrated SRS optimizes the efficiency of the lamp output.

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