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Hapro Seecret® C200


The Hapro Seecret® C200 vitalizes your complete body. Collagen light surrounds your body from head to toe. As a result, the rejuvenation effect not only reaches your face, but also the rest of the body. Choose the right moment to enjoy your personal Seecret® -session at home and feel how relaxing a Seecret® –skin vitalization session can be. The canopy opens easily, requiring little effort, the bench provides a comfortable lying surface and the 26 lamps in combination with fine features ensure a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The Hapro Seecret® C200 in Pearl White features a body fan and the digital display is ergonomic and easy to use. A time indicator produces a discreet tone to indicate when the session is nearly at its end. The built-in timer allows you to check how many hours your device has been in use and when maintenance should be performed, whenever you like. As a standard feature, the Hapro Seecret® C200 has extra-long 1.90 metre lamps and an integrated Strip-Reflector-System (SRS) for an optimal light efficiency.

Technical information

Hapro Seecret® C200
Seecret® collagen tubes 14 x L 100 W-R
12 x 100 W-R
Reflector SRS *
Body cooler Yes
Alarm Yes
Hour counter Yes
Digital timer Yes
Power 2,82 kW
Colour Pearl White
Weight 123 kg

* SRS = Strip-Reflector-System; The integrated SRS optimizes the efficiency of the lamp output.

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